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Meet the Team


Chester Lee Drum

Principal Investigator

Ph.D.: Neurobiology, University of Chicago
M.D. : University of Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine

Leroy Pakkiri

Senior Research Fellow

Ph.D.: Biochemistry, University of Kentucky

Muthu Shanmugam

Senior Research Fellow

Ph.D.: Oncology and Cancer Biology, National University of Singapore

Priya Desai

Assistant Senior Manager

M.Sc.: Marine Biology, University of Mumbai

Lim Poh Leong

Research Assistant

Girish V M

Research Fellow

Siddhesh Vaidya

Research Associate

Jielin Yang

Research Associate

M.Sc.: Information Systems, National University of Singapore

Eugene Goh Chen Howe

PhD Student

B.Sc.: Physics, National University of Singapore

Wu Lik Hang

PhD Student

M.Sc.: Radiation Biology, Oxford

Dong Jiangwen

PhD Student

Xinyi Liu

PhD Student

Junietta Lim Yuin Wenn

PhD Student

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